Friday, 31 March 2017

Red Sister, reader art!

Red Sister has its first reader art! These from Mayticks.

There's no sex in Red Sister, and no romance. There are, however, a lot of relationships, and a small number of those are gay. I'm very glad when readers find this well portrayed, and are pleased to see diversity/representation etc. But if you go into the book with your head filled with whatever images the phrase "lesbian nuns" conjures up for you ... you may be disappointed.

What I hope the book does is present a small number of gay characters in an understated and indirect manner that doesn't make a big deal of the fact.

Sister Apple - Mistress Shade by Mayticks

Sister Kettle by Mayticks

Sisters Cage and Thorn
by Francesca Tacchi

Nona Grey by Craig Houghton

Yisht by Mikaela Brennan

Some alternative covers:
From Petros of

A draft of the Voyager ARC cover

A mashup cover

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  1. Will there be romance for Nona in future books?