Friday, 11 August 2017

Dragons Rated

More dragons every week.

Meet Pedro. He looks cute but if you glance away, even for a second, he will fuck you up! Loves watermelon. 9/10

Freddy loves to play fetch-the-knight. Anyone hoping to adopt him needs a large (fireproof) garden. Likes tummy rubs. 11/10

Wilbur loves to play but the other dragons call him ugly. Would suit a large family. Sometimes burps nitric acid. 12/10  

Maximilian is a good draggo. Enjoys rotting carrion and short waddles on the beach. Good with children. 13/10

Who ate all the knights then? Wuggum ate all the knights!
Enjoys sleeping and Nutella. 11/10

"Pretend to throw the flail again. I dare you!"

Roger likes chasing flails, having his head scratched, and barbecues, 10/10.  

Good draggo seeking adoption. Susie loves baths and the water in general.
Only apply if you have a garden pond. 11/10.

Herman is a good draggo. He's small, but he can swallow a whole dog. Likes dogs, cats, cat food, and being green. 12/10.

Chip is a good draggo. Friendly, loyal, good with kids. Loves playing in the garden. May nip when over-excited. 11/10  

Loving home needed for Henry: good-natured draggo with slight weight problem. Big yard needed 12/10

Smoogy is a big boy but he definitely has a soft spot. Needs regular exercise. Full disclosure: May damage furniture. 13/10

0/10. Fuck off, Barney. You were terrible as a dinosaur, and you're worse as a dragon. Everyone hates you.

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